How to Register for Credit Courses Online

Log on to myMCC

  1. Type into your browser's address bar or click the myMCC link at the top of any page of the website.
  2. Select the link under the Credit Students heading.
  3. A menu will open. Select whether you are using a public or private computer.
  4. Enter the username that MCC emailed to you.
  5. Enter the password that MCC emailed to you.
    • If you have not received a username or password email from MCC, contact Registration (815) 455-8588.
  6. Try the Support Links if you forget your username or password.
  7. Contact the Help Desk at (815) 455-8457 if you have trouble logging on.
    Contact Registration at (815) 455-8588 if you have trouble registering.

Search and Add Credit Courses to your Preferred List

  1. In My Tool Box, click on Registration to search, select, register and pay for classes.
  2. Click on Course: Search | Select | Register | Drop.
  3. Select Search and/or select credit sections.
  4. The Search or Browse Sections page will open
  5. Type the full course name (Ex. CIS 110-020), abbreviation or any word that may help identify the course in the search box. You can even type in a time and the results will display courses that start at that time.
  6. Enter your search criteria and click on the Search button. (You can narrow your search by selecting from one of the presorted Course Categories listed under the Search box.)
  7. After you've found a course you're interested in, click on the Section Name to open the complete course description.
  8. If you're logged on to myMCC, you'll see the Add to Preferred List button. Select the button to add this course to your Preferred List. Remember: Adding a course to your Preferred List will not register you for the class. It's only the first step and will add the course to your Preferred List where you can choose to register for it later.

Register for Credit Courses

  1. Find the courses that fit into your schedule and add them to your Preferred List.
  2. Select the View Your Preferred List link at the bottom of your search results.
  3. When you see a course in your preferred sections list that fits into your schedule and you want to register for it, click on the Action drop-down menu in front of the course and select Register.
  4. Click on the SUBMIT button at the bottom of the preferred sections list and you will register for that class.
  5. A screen will appear informing you that you have registered for the course you selected.

Drop a Credit Section

  1. Click on Register in My Tool Box.
  2. Select Course: Search | Select | Register | Drop.
  3. Click on Drop sections.
  4. Go to your list of classes under Current Registrations and place a check mark in front of the course or courses you want to drop.
  5. Click on Submit.
  6. A screen will appear informing you that you have dropped from the course you selected.