Refund Disbursement - The myMCC Plus Card

MCC has a newer and faster way of getting you your financial aid refund and tuition and fee refunds - the myMCC Plus Card! We've partnered with Higher One, a financial services company, to offer you a faster way to receive your refunds.

We'll mail your myMCC Plus Card to your primary address on file with MCC. Once you receive the card, activate your card at and choose how to receive your refund money.

Please note: If you pay your tuition and fees with a credit card, MCC will process the refunds. If you pay tuition and fees with check/cash, Higher One will process the refunds.

You can have your money:

  • Deposited to your bank
  • Mailed, as a paper check, to the address you designate
  • Open up a Higher OneAccount and the myMCC plus card becomes a debit card


I've got my myMCC Plus Card. Now what?

  1. Have the following items ready:

    • Your myMCC Plus card
    • Your MCC ID number
      • If you do not know your MCC ID number, find it by logging on to myMCC and selecting My Profile from the My Tool Box list.
      • MCC will not give MCC ID numbers over the phone.
    • Driver's license/passport/state-issued identification
    • Social security number
    • Banking information (account and routing number)
    • Access to a printer
  2. Use one of these supported browsers to go to
    • Internet Explorer (on Windows)  - Versions 7.0 and 8.0
    • Firefox (on Windows) - Version 3.6
    • Safari (on OS X) - Newest Release Only
  3. Select Get Started!
  4. Authenticate by entering your card number.
  5. Choose how you want to receive your refund (either deposited to your bank account or mailed).
  6. Create your profile.
  7. Set up your refund.

What happens to my refund if I don't activate my myMCC Plus Card?

The default option is a paper check if your myMCC plus card is not activated.

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How do I have my refund deposited to my bank account?

  1. Activate your myMCC Plus Card.
  2. Log on to to get a third party form.
  3. Complete, print, and mail or fax the third party form to Higher One.

I see I have the option to create a OneAccount. Is this required?

Use your card to select a card refund preference

  • Deposited to your bank - money will be deposited in two to three business days
  • Mailed, as a paper check, to the address you designate - money in five to seven business days
  • Open up a Higher OneAccount and the myMCC plus card becomes a debit card - money will be deposited to your account on the same business day that MCC releases the funds to Higher One

But, you do not need to open a OneAccount to receive your refund.

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How will I know when my refund has been issued?

Higher One will send you an email when they have processed your refund. Request to be notified by text message by setting "mobile alert" options in the "profile" section of your Higher One account. Additionally, you'll be able to see details of your refund by logging in to your Higher One account on the myMCC Plus Card website.

What if I have additional questions?

Visit or check out EasyHelp℠ - Higher One's self-service FAQ database.

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