Multicultural Students' FAQ

  1. What kind of students attend MCC?
  2. All kinds! At MCC, we put a high value on diversity, so you’ll find a collection of bright, curious minds coming from very different walks of life. Twenty-five percent of our students are students of color from McHenry County and beyond.

  3. What type of support systems are in place for students of color?
  • The Student Life Office is a great place to start. Student life has an open door policy, and it’s the place to go when you want to find out what’s happening around campus. Student Life coordinates specific multicultural clubs that not only encourage diversity, but serve to strengthen a common bond. It’s also where you can get involved in a student organization or sport, or participate in group activities, trips, fund raisers, and community service projects. By getting involved, you’ll meet people who share your interests. You might even find a talent you never knew you had. Learn more about student life ⇒.
  • MCC has an excellent tutoring center where students can assess help with their classes at no additional cost. Learn more about the Sage Learning Center ⇒.
  • The Special Needs Program is committed to making sure all students get an equal opportunity to succeed. Students with disabilities or with limited English proficiency who are otherwise qualified can access resources through this office to ensure their academic success. Learn about our Special Needs office ⇒.
  • The Counseling Center helps students and members of the community with career counseling and personal/emotional issues that may interfere with college success. The center also helps students who are at risk academically. Learn more about Counseling services ⇒.
  • The Career Services Office provides job resources and assistance with workforce development to the students, alumni, area employers, and community residents. Learn more about Career Services ⇒.
  • At the Advising and Transfer Center, advisors can help you select courses and prepare for transfer, check your progress toward degree completion, learn about majors through seminars and choose a degree or certificate program. Learn more about Advising ⇒.