An Online Tutorial Taking You Through the Steps of the Library Research Process Reference Collection

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Tutorial Contents:
  1. Library Map & Virtual Tour
  2. Avoiding Impulse Buys
  3. Size & Shape of Information
  4. Most Bang for Your Buck
  5. Trying it on for Size
  6. Don't Shoplift!

Reference sources can be a beneficial resource for research.  They provide a concise overview of a topic, background information, facts and statistics, and will often lead you to other sources of information.

Usually reference sources are consulted for quick answers or facts, not for in-depth research.  They must be used in the library and do not circulate.

When you begin your research, you might consult a reference source such as a subject encyclopedia to obtain an overview of your topic and some background information.  Later on, as your research progresses, you might come back to reference sources to get some specific facts and statistics or to look up definitions for unfamiliar terminology you have come across in some of your readings.

Reference sources are often books located in a special section of the library.  This, however, is not always the case.  They can also be databases you access via the Library Web Site.

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