An Online Tutorial Taking You Through the Steps of the Library Research Process Newspapers

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Tutorial Contents:
  1. Library Map & Virtual Tour
  2. Avoiding Impulse Buys
  3. Size & Shape of Information
  4. Most Bang for Your Buck
  5. Trying it on for Size
  6. Don't Shoplift!

A newspaper is a collection of articles about current events
usually published daily. Since there are local papers in many cities, they are a great source for local information. Newspapers, like journals and magazines, are called "periodicals" because they are published on a regular or periodic basis.

Many newspapers publish Web sites with today's news.  Their web sites, however, will often only give you limited access to articles for free and ask you to pay for articles beyond that. Libraries often subscribe to databases that allow you to search the full-text of many newspapers for free. 

The MCC Library Web Site offers database access to three newspaper databases: EBSCO Newspaper Source and the Chicago Tribune.. These databases are listed among the databases on the Library web page. You can access these databases from off-campus using the Off Campus Access Menu and the My MCC username and password you use when logging on to campus computers. More about library databases.

Use a Newspaper

bulletto find current information about international, national and local events
bullet to find editorials, commentariest or popular opinions


bulletNew York Times
bulletChicago Tribune

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