An Online Tutorial Taking You Through the Steps of the Library Research Process Magazines

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Tutorial Contents:
  1. Library Map & Virtual Tour
  2. Avoiding Impulse Buys
  3. Size & Shape of Information
  4. Most Bang for Your Buck
  5. Trying it on for Size
  6. Don't Shoplift!
A magazine is a collection of articles and images about diverse topics of popular interest and current events. Usually these articles are written by journalists and are geared toward the average adult.  Magazines are mainly written to inform and entertain.  They are not intended for scholarly research.

Magazines, like journals and newspapers, are called "periodicals" because they are published at regular intervals throughout the year.   Magazines can be located using one of the many Databases from the Library Web Site. More about Databases.

Use a Magazine

bulletto find information or opinions about popular culture
bulletto find up-to-date information about current events
bulletto find general articles for people who are not necessarily specialists about the topic

Examples of Magazines

bulletPsychology Today
bulletNational Geographic
bulletRolling Stone

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