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Tutorial Contents:
  1. Library Map & Virtual Tour
  2. Avoiding Impulse Buys
  3. Size & Shape of Information
  4. Most Bang for Your Buck
  5. Trying it on for Size
  6. Don't Shoplift!

What is information literacy?

Have you ever had to buy a car?  Decide who to vote for in an election?  Make a decision regarding your health?  Plan a vacation?  Select a college?  Interview for a job? Decipher media messages?

These are just several examples of scenarios we all face day to day that require sound information, critical thinking, and careful decision making. 

An information literate person is equipped with the knowledge and set of skills necessary to face these and many additional challenges life throws our way.  An information literate person is able to recognize when information is needed, locate, evaluate and use information effectively to succeed in school and life.

The information universe has become increasingly complex.  The MCC reference librarians have made a commitment to ensure all students are information literate upon graduation.  The college has supported that commitment by making information literacy one of the general education goals.

You may think that just because you know how to use a search engine to find web sites or can use a computer you are information literate.  Information literacy, however, goes beyond basic computer literacy.  It includes the ability to evaluate information  and the ability to shape, repackage, or utilize the information in a meaningful and productive  way.  It involves the ability to effectively use a wide range of information-seeking sources and information formats.  It carries you beyond the skills you need to succeed in school to the skills you need to succeed in life.

So why do you need information literacy? 

Because you want to have the knowledge and skills to make informed decisions.

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