An Online Tutorial Taking You Through the Steps of the Library Research Process Audiovisual Materials

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Tutorial Contents:
  1. Library Map & Virtual Tour
  2. Avoiding Impulse Buys
  3. Size & Shape of Information
  4. Most Bang for Your Buck
  5. Trying it on for Size
  6. Don't Shoplift!

Audiovisual materials encompass all those well-known and exciting formats such as DVDs and CDs.  What would be better for livening-up a boring speech than using a little bit of music or a video ?  Audiovisual material can make a presentation come to life, and they are great for those visual or auditory learners.  Remember the saying "a picture is worth a thousand words"?  Well, put it into practice by using some audiovisual material to help you learn, help you get a point across, or just to impress the socks off your teacher and friends.

Audiovisual materials owned by the library are listed in the library catalog. 

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