Internships provide you the opportunity to apply classroom knowledge to hands-on work experience within your designated field of study.

  • MCC Students
    • Build skills and jump start your career
    • Enhance academic experience
    • Apply academic theory to practical work experience
    • Create a network of professional contacts
    • Confirm that you have chosen the right career
    • Receive college credit
  • Employers
    • Increase your visibility on campus
    • Mentor new professionals
    • Cultivate potential employees
    • Support the workforce in your community
    • Promote academic, career, and student success

Completing an internship is a wonderful experience! However, permanent employment is not guaranteed at the end of your internship. Nevertheless, employers use the internship as a way to train and evaluate future employees.

Contact Career Services at (815) 455-8576 or about internship opportunities today.

Types of Internships

Paid Internship

Un-Paid Internship

Internship Liability

McHenry County College will indemnify the employer, for and against liability, resulting from negligent, willful or wanton acts or omission of the college, its officers, agents, and employees without limitation, in this providing of services as set forth in the signed agreement.

  • McHenry County College will furnish the interns to be trained, it being understood that the interns will remain students of McHenry County College and will continue to be covered by the blanket liability policy secured by McHenry County College
  • McHenry County College does not consider the student an employee of the college or of the employer and does not require Workmen’s Compensation Insurance for the students while participating in the internship.
    • Automotive students are actual employees and are covered under Workmen’s Compensation Insurance.