Kate Kramer

Honors Classes Taught:

Scholarly Interests/Specialties, Recent Publications or Research Projects:

My scholarly interests include examining contaminant transport in groundwater aquifers, and understanding sediment transport in glacial systems. I am also interested in improving students’ quantitative learning in geoscience courses. I currently use a program call The Math You Need When You Need It (TMYN) to support and promote students' skills.  

Recent Publications:

Why do you teach in the Honors Program?

I enjoy inspiring my students to explore the world around them. By teaching honors courses I can expand on ideas that we might just scratch the surface of in other courses. In the honors Geology and Oceanography course we investigate what the Earth is made of and why ocean basins exist. The honors courses give instructors a chance to enlighten our students with content well beyond the average classroom level. 

What makes the Honors courses you teach unique?

In my honors course we do lots of hands-on activities, and in-class discussions of topics. We also take field trips to various places of geologic interest.