Anne Humphrey

Honors Classes Taught:

Scholarly Interests/Specialties, Recent Publications or Research Projects:

Recent projects include teaching without a textbook, on which I’ve given a few presentations.  A project in development is a learning community (Twofer) course combining the introductory robotics course and composition one.

Why do you teach in the Honors Program?

I enjoy the extra challenge of working with the honors students, who keep me alert because they really pay attention to everything!

What makes the Honors courses you teach unique?

In my honors Composition I, students pick one topic and end up writing 12 pieces on that topic.  Various methods, pieces of the topic, points of view, and pieces of evidence are used across the papers.  Students learn the topic top to bottom and see that totally different arguments work in different ways, with different people, to argue an issue.  Sometimes, students even end up with one paper arguing against the rest.  The goal is to create a considerable argument arsenal for use in future courses and situations.

How can taking Honors courses at MCC prepare students to be successful at four-year universities or in their chosen careers?

The extra challenge of honors courses creates more rigorous and particular thinking in a variety of subjects.  That depth is of enormous value.