Title: Women Farming Cooperatives in Central America
Date: From 2/27/2018 to 2/27/2018
Time: From 6 p.m. to 8 p.m.
Contact Info: Kim Hankins || Phone: (815) 479-7765 || Email: khankins@mchenry.edu
Location: Luecht Conference Center

On a project funded by USAID through the University of California-Davis, Nienhuis' lab worked as the lead institution in a truly international project to promote sustainable vegetable production in rural areas of Guatemala, Nicaragua, Honduras and Costa Rica. Tomato and pepper production can be among the most pro table sources of income and food security for many single mothers and women's cooperatives in rural areas of tropical Central America. This presentation will share the science and stories behind this international research project that impacted many both in central America and sustainable farming here in the United States.

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