Field Guide To McHenry County

This field guide was created by the McHenry County College Biology Department with the support of the Friends of MCC Foundation.

This online field guide was designed and created by Dr. John E. Peters, MCC Biology Department Chair, and Marla C. Garrison, MCC Biology Faculty.  Photo contributions from John Peters, Marla Garrison, Janice Young, Beth Jarvis and the McHenry County Conservation District.

Wildflower Gallery


Fungi Gallery


Insect Gallery


Frog Gallery

Fish Gallery

Owl Gallery


Mussel Gallery

Bat Gallery

Bird Gallery


Note:  This first edition of the Field Guide of McHenry County is an attempt to represent the biodiversity of the area.  We recognize that not all species are represented here, however, as we continue to collect photos we will update the guide in future editions.

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