Text:French in Action, A Beginning Course in Language and Culture, Pierre J. Capretz (New Haven: Yale University Press)
Workbook: Part I for French in Action
Study Guide: Part I for French in Action
Media: Audio/Video cassettes available from college library
French/English/French dictionary

Course description: French in Action (Units 1-13) is a 4 credit college course in Elementary French. Intended for students with no previous knowledge of the language, or for those wishing to refresh skills in understanding, speaking, reading, and writing French, this course builds proficiency through intensive use of a video tape program, a set of audio tapes, integrated text, workbook, and study guide. Through this multimedia approach students travel to France, focusing on spoken French and realishtic situations.

To the student:
Welcome to French 151! You care embarking on a great adventure, learning about another culture through the window of its language. Never by bored or angry at your progress. Each lesson is an opportunity, a building block toward eventual mastery of the material. Insight into another culture is a great reward. The emphasis of our study in French 151 is on a thorough mastery of basic grammar, vocabulary, and soulds in French.


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