Chef Paul Tinaglia

As the program chair and instructor for culinary management for MCC, I will be the executive chef in charge of SlĂ inte, the student-run fine dining restaurant.

My experience includes serving as a corporate chef for a food service group called MPM where I trained clients on the uses and features of our equipment. I also trained to be a project manager on the sites of Whole Foods to assist in the kitchens for opening day. The four store openings I assisted were challenging and exciting.

I was a chef instructor with Kendall College for 15 years. My responsibilities included serving as chef instructor for culinary summer camp and acting as executive chef of the fine dining restaurant for eight years. I taught: basic culinary; advanced meat and sauce; advanced fish and sauce; breakfast cookery; advanced skills; product identification; purchasing and storeroom; hospitality culinary arts and baking and pastry. For seven years, I was responsible for showcasing Kendall College in the Meals on Wheels Benefits in multiple locations including Delaware and the British Virgin Islands.

I enjoy teaching and get satisfaction out of sharing my knowledge and life experiences with culinary students.