Personal Development Courses (PDV)

Positive Living

In this small group, experiential class, you will focus on practicing optimism, disputing catastrophic thinking and learning to draw more on personal strengths. (1 credit, transferable elective)

Stress and the College Student

Feeling uptight or stressed at home, on the job, at school? This class will help you design a personal stress reduction program to successfully deal with the inevitable stresses of your busy life. (1 credit, transferable elective)

Becoming a Successful College Student

Are you feeling excited, anxious, hopeful about this new phase of you life as a college student? This experiential, small group class is designed to enable you to feel confident about yourself in your new role as a college student. Focus will be on determining your strengths and developing an individual plan for success at MCC. (1 credit, transferable elective)

Career Decision Making

You will have the opportunity, in a small group setting, to evaluate your values, strengths, skills, and interests as they relate to career decision-making. You will be given the tools with which to research a wide variety of careers and to evaluate these career options in relationship to the your self-assessment. (1 credit transferable elective)


Learn how to work cooperatively with those who have differing points of view. (1 credit, transferable elective)