Personal Development Courses (PDV), Seminars and Groups

In addition to academic learning, college is an exciting time of personal growth. MCC counselors can assist your growth and development in areas such as…

  • Developing self-identity  
  • Forming healthy relationships
  • Deciding on a career direction
  • Understanding differences in how people interact in and view the world
  • Managing challenging life situations

Personal Development (PDV) College Credit Courses


MCC 101 – College Experience

Seminars are offered by MCC Counseling Faculty. Seminars are available for students enrolled in MCC 101 College Experience classes. Talk to your MCC 101 instructor for information about signing up for a seminar.

Career and College Major Workshops

Designed to help with career exploration, and choosing a college major or career direction.

Free! Visit A257 or call (815) 455-8765 to reserve a seat for one or more workshops. Walk-ins welcome if seats are available. Please call if you must cancel your reservation.