Preschool Programs at the Children's Learning Center

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We offer a three-year old, a four-year old and a five-year old preschool session for students and employees at McHenry County College, as well as community members. Preschool children meet in our Blue Room.

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Registration fee is $55.

Preschool Schedule and Pricing
Age Days Time Cost per Month Daily Schedule
Three-Year Olds (Three by September 1, current year) Tuesday and Thursday 9 a.m. to noon $130 Daily Schedule
Four-Year Olds (Four by September 1, current year) Monday, Wednesday, and Friday 9 a.m. to noon $175 Daily Schedule
Five-Year Olds (Turning five between September 1 and January 1) Monday through Thursday 1 to 3:30 p.m. $205 Daily Schedule
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Age Requirements

Potty Training

Children in the preschool program must be potty trained prior to starting. The classroom is not equipped for diaper changing, although we do understand that children sometimes have accidents. In these instances, the teachers will help children to change their clothes, encouraging independence as much as possible.

Personal Items

Every child will need at least one change of clothing. Additionally, on days specified on the monthly calendar, children will have the opportunity to bring in items for Show and Tell to share with the class.

Daily Schedule

The children spend the majority of the day in "centers" where they choose the area and activities that they would like to participate in. They can build in the block area, participate in an art project or choose another area of interest. Children are able to move freely between centers and can work at their own pace on activities. Here is a detailed breakdown of daily activities.

The children go outside several times throughout the day year-round, as long as it is not raining and it is between 15 and 96 degrees (including wind chill or heat index). Always dress your child appropriately for the weather. On days that we cannot go outside, we will participate in large motor activities either in the classroom or in the gym on campus.


We provide a snack during each preschool session. Every child should have allergy information listed on their emergency card so that substitutions can be made where necessary. Food cannot be brought from home unless there is an un-substitutable allergy documented by your child's doctor.

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Pricing and Payment

See Preschool Schedule for pricing information.

You can pay by

Financial Aid and Payroll Deductions

If you are a student who receives financial aid, we are able to take child care tuition payments out of Pell Grant funds. Please check the line marked “Pell” on your contract and we will work with financial aid to determine if your remaining Pell funds will cover your bill for the semester. Any remaining balance will be billed to you in four installments following the regular billing schedule. Additionally, we also accept Child Care Financial Assistance through 4-C. Contact them directly at (800) 848-8727, extension 225. Please note that 4-C does not always cover the entire amount that we charge, so you will be billed for the remainder.

Full time MCC employees can arrange payroll deductions through Mary Kossow (at extension 7549) in the Bursar’s office. Once you have contacted her, she will get your semester’s total through our offices and your child care payments will be deducted from your paychecks.