McHenry County College Open Projects Available for Bid/Quote

The following table includes a list of current projects at McHenry County College. If you would like to submit a proposal/bid for any of these projects, please click on the information below for additional detail. Proposals/bids cannot be emailed – they must be sent in based on the instructions provided.

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Open Projects Bid List
Date Posted Bid Quote No. Title Due Date Plan Holders Bid Quote Information Addenda Bid
5/18/2016 IFB06132016 Backflow Prevention Device Installation 6/13/2016   Bid Quote Information



4/13/2016 IFB05192016 Boilers & Rooftop HVACs Replacement 5/19/2016 20/10 Engineering Group, LLC 1216 Tower Road Schaumburg, IL 60173 847-882-2010  (1) Bldg D Hvac - MG Mechanical (2) BldgA&D Boilers Jensens Plumbing

Building A - Boiler Spec Book

Building A - Boiler Drawings

Building D - Boiler Spec Book

Building D - Boiler Drawings

Building D - Rooftop Unit Spec Book

Building D - Rooftop Unit Drawings

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4/21/2016 IFB05122016 Pond Restoration 5/12/2016 HR Green, 420 N. Front St., McHenry, Illinois 60050 815.385.1778  Lima Excavating

Bid Document 1 of 2

Bid Document 2 of 2


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4/13/2016 IFB04282016 Copy Paper 4/28/2016   Bid Quote Information Canon Solutions
3/9/2016 IFB04072016 Parking Lot 'A' Reconstruction 4/7/2016 HR Green, 420 N. Front St., McHenry, Illinois 60050 815.385.1778  Bid Quote Information Abbey Paving Company

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Revised Drawing C04

Revised Drawing C07

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