McHenry County College Archived Projects Available for Bid/Quote

Closed Bid/Quote List Archive
Date Posted Bid Quote No. Title Due Date Plan Holders Bid Quote Information Addenda Bid
3/12/2015 RFP04022015 Lighting System Improvement 4/2/2015 Bid Quote Information Carey Electric


2/11/2015 RFP03052015 Shah Center Parking Lot Resurfacing 3/5/2015 Schroeder Asphalt Services Inc

Updated bid dcoumentation 


1/15/2015 RFP02052015 Landscape Maintenance Service 2/5/2015 Bid Quote Information Brickman Group LLC




11/18/2014 ITB01082015 Building B - Chiller Controls Replacement 1/8/2015 Bid Quote Information Everest Energy & Control Technology


11/13/2014 RFQ11252014 Three 15-Passenger Bus Lease 11/25/2014 Bid Quote Information Midwest Transit Equipment Inc
11/4/2014 RFP11122014 Room Painting & Carpet Replacement 11/12/2014 Bid Quote Information Bid Quote InformationBid Quote Information (1)General Trades-Shales McNutt (2)Carpet- Mr. Davids (3)Painting-Triangle Decorating

Construction Management Manual

9/8/2014 RFP09252014 Snow Plowing and Removal Service - AMENDED 9/25/2014 Bid Quote Information Greve Const(main) KCG Mgmt(shah)
7/23/2014 IFB08112014 Survelliance System Installation & Service 8/11/2014 Bid Quote Information Applied Communications Group, Inc.



7/8/2014 ITB07242014 Building B Chiller Replacement Services 7/24/2014 Bid Quote InformationBid Quote Information Accomplished Mechanical Industries
5/30/2014 RFQ06192014 Architectural/Space Utilization Services 6/19/2014 Bid Quote Information Demonica Kemper Architects

Revised Short List

5/22/2014 ITB06092014 Solar Photovolatic System Construction Services 6/9/2014 Bid Quote Information Bid Quote InformationBid Quote Information Windfree Wind & Solar Energy








5/14/2014 RFP05292014 Shah Center - HVAC Unit Replacement Service 5/29/2014 Bid Quote Information MG Mechanical Services, Inc.
4/25/2014 IFB05072014 Room Painting and Carpet Replacement 5/7/2014 Bid Quote Information Bid Quote Information (1)Oosterbann Painting (2)Liberty Tile & Carpet

1 – Carpet & Paint CM Manual

2 - Project Manual

3 - Drawings

4/4/2014 RFP04152014A Parking Lot Light Pole Replacement 4/15/2014 Bid Quote Information Cancelled
4/4/2014 RFP04152014B Natural Gas Hot Water Heater Replacement 4/15/2014 Bid Quote Information Jensens Plumbing
2/20/2014 RFQ03072014 Investment Advisory & Custodial Services 3/7/2014 Bid Quote Information The PFM Group
11/25/2013 RFP12202013 Professional Audit Services 12/20/2013 Bid Quote Information Sikich LLP

Short List

11/25/2013 RFQ12102013 CNC Equipment 12/10/2013 Bid Quote Information 520Machinery
7/25/2013 IFB08092013 Building D Remodel & Building E Addition 8/9/2013 Bid Quote Information

Building D Remodel and Building E Addition files

7/2/2013 RFB Project 1227.04 Ceramics Lab VentilationProject 7/15/2013 Bid Quote Information Bid Quote InformationBid Quote Information MG Mechanical
6/14/2013 RFP062413 Reconstruction of Parking Lots B & D 6/24/2013 Bid Quote Information Bid Quote InformationBid Quote Information Abbey Paving & Sealcoating

Parking Lot Plans

4/10/2013 RFP05012013 Custodial Services 5/1/2013 Bid Quote Information RJB Properties, Inc.

Shah Center Layout

Woodstock Center Layout

Main Campus Layout

4/8/2013 RFQ04242013 Biology Supplies 4/24/2013 Bid Quote InformationBid Quote Information
4/8/2013 RFQ04232013 Tree Removal Service 4/23/2013 Bid Quote Information Acres Group
3/28/2013 RFP04172013 Waste Disposal Service 4/17/2013 Bid Quote Information Waste Management, Inc.
4/2/2013 CDB #810-066-016 Upgrade Exterior Lighting 4/11/2013 Bid Quote InformationBid Quote Information Associated Electric
3/28/2013 IFB04112013 Copy Paper 4/11/2013 Bid Quote Information Midland Paper Company
2/15/2013 RFP04052013 Child Care Services 4/5/2013 Bid Quote InformationBid Quote Information No Award
3/7/2013 IFB03202013 Office/Classroom Carpet & Paint Services 3/20/2013 Bid Quote InformationBid Quote Information GENERAL TRADES-Ostrander Construction, CARPET-Libertyville Tile, PAINTING-Triangle Decorating, ELECTRIC-No Award

Construction Management Manual

10/15/2012 RFQ10262012 Robotics Training System 10/26/2012 Bid Quote Information Rixan Associates
6/13/2012 IFB06282012 Snow Plowing and Removal - Bid Extended 7/16/2012 Bid Quote Information Ryco Landscaping
6/21/2012 RFQ07032012 Food Services Point of Sale System 7/3/2012 Bid Quote InformationBid Quote InformationBid Quote Information DataWave Inc.
5/22/2012 RFP06062012 Foundations for Sculptures 6/6/2012 Bid Quote InformationBid Quote InformationBid Quote Information CCS Chicago Construction
4/19/2012 RFQ05032010 Graduate Telephone Survey Service 5/3/2012 Bid Quote Information Comiskey Research
3/23/2012 RFP04202012 Bookstore Services 4/20/2012 Bid Quote Information Cancelled
2/13/2012 RFP04102012 Learning Management System 4/10/2012 Bid Quote Information Instructure Inc (Canvas)
3/1/2012 RFP03152012 Landscape Maintenance Service 3/15/2012 Bid Quote Information Ryco Landscaping
3/5/2012 Project 1227.01 Athletics Office Remodel 3/12/2012 Stuckey Construction
1/19/2012 RFP02102012 Leased Industrial Dishwashers 2/27/2012 Bid Quote Information Cancelled
1/31/2012 RFP02162012 Textbook Buyback Service 2/24/2012 Bid Quote Information Cancelled
11/15/2011 Project 1127.02 Server Rooms Improvement 12/1/2011 Bid Quote Information Associated Electrical Contractors
10/25/2011 RFP11082011 Lighting Retrofit Project 11/8/2011 Bid Quote Information Associated Electrical Contractors
8/24/2011 RFP10062011 Primary Food and Supplies Services Distributor 10/21/2011 Bid Quote Information Gordon Food Service
9/14/2011 RFP09302011 MCC Brand Visual Identity 9/30/2011 Bid Quote Information Stamats
9/14/2011 RFP09292011 Carpet Tile Replacement & Installation 9/29/2011 Bid Quote Information Mr. Davids
8/19/2011 RFP09022011 Employee Classification and Compensation Study 9/2/2011 Bid Quote Information Evergreen Solutions, LLC

Short List

6/3/2011 IFB06212011 Dimmer Board Replacement 6/21/2011 Bid Quote Information Associated Electrical Contractors, Inc.
5/12/2011 RFP05272011 Course Catalog Printing 5/27/2011 Bid Quote Information Hess Print Solutions
5/12/2011 RFP05262011 Course Schedule Printing 5/26/2011 Bid Quote Information Hess Print Solutions
4/11/2011 RFP05132011 Facility Master Plan 5/13/2011 Bid Quote Information Wight Construction

Short List

Strategic Plan  

Emergency Response Manual 

MCC Financial Plan

MCC Campus Facility Condition Analysis

Tech Plan

Academic Handbook

2004 Facilities Master Plan


4/15/2011 IFB04292011 Microscopes 4/29/2011 Bid Quote Information Carolina Biological Supply Company
2/16/2011 RFP03242011 Vending Services 3/24/2011 Bid Quote Information Ace Coffee Bar, Inc.
2/25/2011 RFP03222011 Architectural Services 3/22/2011 Bid Quote Information RuckPate Architecture

Short List

1/4/2011 RFP01202011 Test Scanning Machines 1/20/2011 Bid Quote Information Apperson Print Solutions
12/2/2010 RFP01062011 Brand Study & Strategy Development 1/6/2011 Bid Quote Information Stamats
2/8/2011 RFP11192010 Legal Services 11/19/2010 Campion, Curran, Dunlop, Lamb & Cunabaugh, PC