Athletics Staff Directory

Athletics Staff Directory
Title Contact
Director, Athletics, Intramurals and Recreation Karen Wiley (815) 455-8580
Athletics, Intramural and Recreation Programs Assistant Patty Domin (815) 455-8580
Coordinator of Student-Athlete Academic Success/Baseball Coach Jared Wacker
Baseball Assistants Matt Schmidt
Basketball Coach (M) David Pettit
Basketball Assistant Kelly Love
Basketball Assistant Ryan Skinner
Basketball Coach (W) Karen Wiley
Basketball Assistant Ken Ruud
Basketball Assistant Vincent Hamilton
Soccer Coach Karl Smith
Soccer Assistant Kyran Gaffney
Softball Coach Wally Warner
Softball Assistant Brittany Ladaa
Tennis Coaches (M, W) Rob Laue,
Connie Stinek
Volleyball Coach Kyle McCall
Assistant Shari Mayner
Scot Stars Sports Camps Jared Wacker
Certified Athletic Trainer Chris Mileto
Fax (815) 455-8899