Andrew Zinke

2013 Distinguished Alumni Award Recipient

Andrew’s diverse law enforcement background and development has provided him with unique experiences and built professional relationships that are critical to success. He believes in encouraging supervisors to push themselves and creating opportunities for future leaders to succeed and says great friendships, sharing information, and a commitment to his family and education have been key to his success.

Born in Chicago and raised in McHenry, Andrew is married to his beautiful and supportive wife Kimberly. They have three children: Alec, Austin, and Avery. Andrew’s experience includes an internship with the Richmond Police Department, where he also served as a community service officer. He worked briefly as a dispatcher for the Algonquin Police Department, until he was hired as a police officer by the Genoa City Police Department, Wisconsin.  At 21, he was hired by the Hebron Police Department full time where he served for approximately one year. During this time, Andrew was hired by the McHenry County Sheriff’s Office to work the marine unit part time. He was hired as a deputy sheriff full time in 1990. Andrew said it has been an honor to work for the McHenry County Sheriff’s office and serve the citizens of McHenry County since 1989.

Andrew received the following education and training:
McHenry County College, AAS Criminal Justice, Judson College, BA Management and Leadership, Police/Fire Group Study Exchange, Manchester, England, Northwestern School of Staff and Command, University of Virginia, F.B.I. National Academy #239, Boston University, Massachusetts, Senior Management in Policing and Aurora University, MBA, enrolled 2011-2013.