Exam Information

Photo I.D. You are required to provide a current photo I.D. and comply with the Testing Center regulations when using the Testing Center.

Choose an exam for specific instructions:

  • Blended

    Meet on-campus for a reduced amount of time and experience the rest of the course online. Tests may need to be taken in the Testing Center.

    Register online to schedule your exam.

  • CLEP

    College-Level Examination Program (CLEP) testing offers the opportunity to earn college credit for information you already know. Visit http://clep.collegeboard.org for more information.

    1. Create an account at https://clepportal.collegeboard.org/myaccount
      • Fill out demographic information, choose a testing location, a score recipient institution, and purchase study materials.
      • Register and pay the $80 fee for your CLEP exam at this site. Note, this does not reserve your appointment date or time.
      • Once you have paid the $80 fee, print your registration ticket and bring it to the Testing Center in A245 the day of the appointment along a signed government-issued photo identification (see detailed identification requirements).
    2. Schedule Your Appointment
      • Register online to schedule your test and pay the $20 fee.
      • If you miss your scheduled appointment, you forfeit your $20 fee.
      • You may cancel your CLEP appointment at least 48 hours in advance without forfeiting your money by calling the Testing Center directly at (815) 455-8984.

    What credit could I earn for my CLEP scores?

  • CNA

    Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) testing is done to certify Basic Nursing Assistant Students.

    • MCC students who are CNA candidates register for exams in their class through Southern Illinois University, Carbondale, IL.
    • All CNA scheduling is done through SIU. Exams are administered once monthly.
    • For more information on the CNA testing or program
  • Distance Correspondence/Online Exams

    Correspondence and Online Exams are proctored exams for institutions other than MCC.

    • Students wishing to have a Correspondence or Online Exam from another school proctored in the Testing Center at MCC must submit an email to: testingcenter@mchenry.edu.
    • The subject line of the email should read: Correspondence testing inquiry or Online testing inquiry depending on your need.
    • The Testing Center will email the parameters and protocols for arranging these exams.
    • Please note that an appointment is necessary to take one of these exams. The fee for Distance Correspondence Exams and Distance Online Exams are $20, and $25, respectively. Register online to schedule your exam.
    • The Testing Center will not accept faxed or emailed exams, and the protocols must be met before the exams can be administered.
  • High School Equivalency Exams (GED)

    We offer the GED exam which is a computer-based exam. The General Educational Development (GED) Tests can give you the opportunity to earn a High School Equivalency certificate, by taking four subject exams: Science, Social Studies, Mathematics and Reading and Language Arts. In addition, you will need to take the US and Illinois Constitution exam in order to receive your High School Equivalency certificate.

    To register for and schedule GED computer-based tests:

    Go to www.GEDtestingservice.com and follow the appropriate links to create an account, choose your exam and pay your fee. Enter your zip code to find the most convenient testing site.

    On the Day of Your GED Test

    • Be early. You will not be able to test if you arrive late, and you'll need to pay the testing fee again.
    • Bring a current signed government photo I.D. such as a driver’s license or a State I.D. No one will be allowed to test without proper identification.
    • If you have selected MCC as your GED Testing Site, report to the Testing Center in A245.
  • Makeup Exams

    Makeup exams are exams given when a student has missed a test in class, or is a documented Access and Disability Student.

    • Makeup exams are given by permission of the instructor.
    • Makeup exams do not require an appointment, however there is a $5 fee required for these exams.
    • Makeup exam fees are payable at Registration, A258.
    • You must know your instructor's name and provide a current photo ID to take a makeup exam.
    • Your instructor provides the last date to test on each exam. If that date has passed, your instructor must notify the Testing Center for permission to take the exam.
    • It is the student’s responsibility to arrange to take an exam in the Testing Center, find out the minimum time required, and the last day the exam will be given.

    The Testing Center staff must abide by the instructor’s directive regarding the time required to complete the exam. Therefore, if the amount of time remaining before closing time is less than the time required to complete the exam, we will not administer the exam. You must contact the instructor to obtain the minimum time requirement for each exam.

  • Placement Exams

    Placement exams are given to determine the best placement for students enrolling in classes.

    • New students taking placement exams are required to complete an Application for Admissions, pay the $15 fee, and allow 2 business days before testing.
    • Eligible incoming students can receive accommodations for placement testing. Contact Access and Disabilities.
    • Initial placement exams are free; all subsequent placement exams will cost $5 each.
    • No appointment is needed.
    • You will need to provide a photo I.D. before you begin your exam.
    • If you do not know which tests you should take, please consult with an advisor.
    • Placement practice exams »
    • Math placement study guides are available at: www.mchenry.edu/orientation or in the MCC Book Store, B162.

    You need to allow at least the following amounts of time before the Testing Center closes in order to complete these placement exams:

    Free math review seminars available! Please contact the Sage Learning Center for information. 

    Save yourself time and money - review before you take your math placement test.

    • 2 hours for the English exam. (includes an essay and a reading exam)
    • 1 1/2 hours for the math exam.*
    • 1 1/2 hours for a Geometry placement, if required.
    • 1 1/2 hours for the reading exam only.
    • 1 1/2 hours for Modern language placement exams, if required.
    • Placement exams do not have a maximum time limit.

    The math and English placement exams are computer-based. A calculator will be provided inside the software and scratch paper will be available for your placement exams. English placement exam includes writing an essay and reading portions.

    Placement scores are normally available immediately, but there are some instances when they must be sent off to be scored. Please plan in advance, and allow plenty of time for your results.

    Placement testing is not required if you received the following ACT scores:

    • 21 or higher in English (valid for 5 years from test date).
    • 22 or higher in math (valid for 2 years from test date).

    Modern language placements are available in French, German, and Spanish. These exams are currently in paper/pencil format. Modern Language placements may be taken only one time.

    *Once a student has begun a math class, they no longer qualify to take the Math Placement.

  • Proficiency Exams

    Proficiency exams give MCC students a way to demonstrate knowledge of the information taught in a class, by passing an exam similar to a final.

    • Proficiencies are offered for Math**, Business** and Administrative Office Management (AOM) and select others.
    • All proficiencies require appointments.
    • Pay the $25 fee and pick up your three-part form in Registration, A258.
    • Turn that form in to the Testing Center at the time of your exam.
    • Allow three hours for all proficiency exams.
    • Please call the Testing Center at (815) 455-8984 for an appointment time and additional details.

    **Math Proficiency exams require permission from the math department staff/faculty prior to paying the fee.

  • Remote Compass Exams (Non-MCC Students)

    Compass exams give colleges a way to evaluate your skills and help us place you into appropriate courses. If you currently attend, or plan to attend, an institution other than MCC, you can take Remote Compass Exams at MCC without travelling to that different institution.  Please check with the other institution to ensure they will grant your request to test at MCC. MCC charges $20 for administering the exam.

    • You are responsible for informing your institution that you intend to take your Remote Compass at MCC.
    • The other institution will contact Compass and Compass will email you from compass@act.org with a registration number. You have a limited amount of time before the number expires to use that registration number to schedule the Remote Compass at MCC.
      • MCC offers Remote Compass exams on Tuesdays and Thursdays only
      • You must schedule online at least two days before you wish to take the exam
      • It's your responsibility to make sure your Compass registration number has not expired by the date of your exam

    What to bring to MCC the day of your Remote Compass Exam

    • A valid photo I.D. with signature
    • The email that you received from Compass@act.org with the valid registration number
    • The receipt that you received from MCC/Registerblast when you scheduled your exam appointment

    Please tell the Testing Center staff that you are taking a Remote Compass Exam when you arrive.

  • Self-Paced Online Course Exams

    Students enrolled in most Self-Paced Online Course (SPOC) classes will take their exams in the Testing Center.

    • SPOC exams do not require an appointment and there is no fee.
    • Bring a copy of your current schedule or know your student identification number in order to take your SPOC exams in the Testing Center.

    Check your syllabus for testing deadlines and parameters, some SPOC exams do have a minimum time that must be allowed before closing.

  • Test of Essential Academic Skills (TEAS)®)

    Students wishing to enroll in the nursing program will need to take the TEAS® test for entrance. TEAS® testing at MCC is currently only available for MCC students and is made by appointment. Please visit the Nursing website ADN Program Preadmission Testing Guidelines for additional details. At MCC, we offer TEAS® testing sessions in the fall and early spring. In order to schedule your exam,  please Register online starting February 1, 2016.

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