RAP - Program for Lifelong Learners

RAP is a lifelong learning program for people ages 50 and older who are active, curious, and serious about continually learning. We offer a variety of non-credit classes and activities on a monthly basis throughout the year. There are no exams, homework or grades, just the opportunity to learn for learning's sake. Programs are designed to be mentally stimulating and thought-provoking as well as socially rewarding. You'll enjoy interesting and informative sessions and face the challenge of becoming active in your own continuing education. And, you'll have fun while you're doing it!

We'd like you to become a member of RAP!

The membership fee is $25 per year, renewable each year during the month that you first joined. As a member, you will receive current listings of program offerings designed especially for lifelong learners and active adults. Most activities and classes have a nominal registration fee and you must be a member of RAP to register for classes.

You can become a RAP member or register for a RAP class in one of three ways: