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MCC To Offer New Apple Swift Language Programming Class

[Tuesday, July 29, 2014]

McHenry County College is on the cutting edge of mobile application development training by offering Apple's new Swift language beginning in August. The 16-week class, iOS Programming (CDM 290-002), takes place from 6-7:50 p.m. on Tuesday and Thursday evenings beginning Aug. 19.

This course will teach students how to design applications in the new Swift programming language. This course is ideal for current programmers looking to upgrade their skill sets or students interested in a career in mobile application development.

"This is a modern object-oriented software development environment," said instructor Bill Skrzypczak, instructor and Digital Media Department co-chair. "We will be preparing students to enter the fast-growing, high-paying field of mobile application development."

One day after Apple released their new Swift language that features more than 4,000 new Application Program Interfaces (APIs), Skrzypczak participated in overview sessions for Apple developers to learn the new language and to be able to offer it to MCC students this Fall 2014 Semester. According to Skrzypczak, few, if any, community colleges are ready to offer this course by August.

"This is the first time Apple has introduced a new programming language since the 1980's," Skrzypczak said. "It has been written from scratch and incorporates newer, more efficient features such as simplified memory management, tuples, generics, scalability, and optimized performance," he added.

Instead of writing code and putting it into a program to compile or test, the new Swift language allows users to immediately see the results of their programming on the screen through a platform called "playgrounds."

Skrzypczak has been an adjunct instructor at MCC for three years and became a full time faculty member this summer. He also teaches several other programming classes and a project management class.

"I'm looking forward to teaching this class because it opens programming and software development to a whole different crowd," he said, referring to a user-friendly format aimed at both logical and artistic thinkers.

This Swift language class is part of a new mobile application degree program that is being developed at MCC. Skrzypczak expects the new degree program to be available within two years.

For more information on the iOS programming class or any other Digital Media class, contact Bill Skrzypczak at (815) 505-5489.

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