Things you always wanted to know about MCC’s Continuing Education Program, but didn’t know who to ask

Here are some of the most frequently asked questions about our program:

What if I already have a degree and/or haven’t been to school in many years? Can I still benefit from this program?

Absolutely. The purpose of the continuing education program is to provide opportunities for lifelong learning in order to enrich one’s personal life. These classes have no tests and aren't graded.

How do I find out what’s being offered?

There’s a printed schedule delivered via mail, our web site, various media announcements, posters and flyers around the county.

See the noncredit schedule!

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Are the instructors part of the MCC faculty?

Some are and others are community members who are experts in a particular topic area. They are experts with a wealth of experience and are very good communicators.

How often does a new program of classes come out?

Three times per year - Fall, Spring and Summer.

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What kinds of courses/seminars are offered in what format?

There are special events, one-day-seminars, 4 to 8 week classes, 3-hour meetings. Topics are diverse and include Spanish, ballroom dance, drawing, hiking, photography, and dog obedience.

Is there a higher fee for classes and events if I live out of the McHenry County College district?


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How do I register?

You can register by phone, fax, mail, online or in-person. Read more details about the registration process