Ceramics Courses

Ceramics I

A comprehensive course in pottery making, using the basic hand built and wheel thrown techniques as well as decorating and glazing processes. Provisions are made for differing individual skill levels of majors and non-majors.

See examples of ceramics students' work.

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Ceramics II

A continuation of beginning ceramics. Emphasis in on improving wheel throwing and hand building techniques in clay. May work with porcelain. Provisions are made for differing skill levels of majors and non-majors.

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Ceramics III

Studio work with a variety of clay bodies and techniques. Emphasis is on improvement of student's wheel throwing skills and knowledge of technical process.

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Ceramics IV

A continuation of Ceramics III. The student will explore personal style and expand upon technical and aesthetic skills acquired in Ceramics III.

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Ceramics Studio

A continuation of Ceramics IV. An advanced course in ceramics emphasizing growth and refinement of skill level and the development of a personal aesthetic in clay.

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